Plava Laguna Triathlon 5150 Poreč

Poreč triatlon

Plava Laguna Triathlon 5150 Poreč

The first edition of the race, attracting more than 400 triathlete enthusiast from all over the world to Poreč, was exciting and turned out to be a huge success.

Join us again in 2021!

As the starting race of the season, Plava Laguna Triathlon 5150 Poreč, Croatia is the best choice for competitors with the goal of setting a personal best record – the course is flat, accessible and attractive.

You will swim in the crystal clear Adriatic, in a secluded bay, and run and cycle through the beautiful Mediterranean landscape.

The whole event will be held within the Zelena Resort, where, with top accommodation, you will also have all the additional facilities you need.