Balle Valle outdoor festival 2017. on June 11.

Balle Valle outdoor festival 2017. on June 11.

The 2nd edition of the XCM Marathon Bale – Vale Outdoor Festival will be held this weekend!

Bale, located in Rovinj in Istria, will host the recreational Cross Country Marathon “Bale – Vale Outdoor Festival” on June 11, 2017.

The race, which has been organized by BK – CC AXA, has been reported in the HBS recreational calendar and will be judged by at least one judge licensed by HBS.

The race begins at 10:00 am at the square La Musa Bale and the objective of the race is the Bale football field. The goal will be properly marked.

The length of the race is approximately 50 km and the route has no extreme descents and ascents.

The route will be marked in the instructions for participants and there will be markings on the ground. An itinerary will be available on the website of the Tourist Board of Bale.

Depending on the assessment of the organizers, the route will have at least two checkpoints at which all participants will be recorded.