Bike service & repairs

Years of experience in cycling fulfilled with excitement and adventures were also followed by regular bike service, occasional repairs, and upgrades. All of the above stimulated us to perfect ourselves in the skills and knowledge necessary to perform a quality bike service and enabled us to maintain our fleet in an immaculate working condition.
2020. is a special year and we have decided to enrich our offer towards our clients and proffer bike service to all interested parties.

The bike service is located in our travel agencies office;

  • Maremonti Istra Ltd
  • address: Flavijevska 22, 52100 Pula

We are supplied with a wide range of spare parts and additional equipment that will enable you to upgrade your bike, not just to keep it well maintained.

Bicycles need periodic maintenance but bikes can also break and need repairs. But there’s no need to panic when your bike is in trouble.
Our main focus is to get your bike back on track as soon as possible. We get how frustrating it is to be unable to ride, so don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Quality bike service ensures the longevity of the bicycle and a pleasant riding experience, and it can be crucial for maintaining cyclists’ safety on the road. It involves regular maintenance such as lubricating the chain, adjusting brakes and gears, as well as repairs such as replacing tires, chains, or brakes.