Kamenjak – bike tour for families with children

Family biking in Istria

• A unique and protected nature reserve, dinosaur track site
• Hidden beaches, the “pure nature” experience
• Private guided tour


Tour description

Family biking in Istria – Kamenjak – Private tour
Bike Tour designed for families with children.
Try this wonderful experience with your family and your kids!

Discover with us the magnificent and protected landscape Cape Kamenjak, a small peninsula 9,5 km long, 1,5 km wide and with its deeply indented coastline 30 km long. The waters of the sea are nowhere more bluish green and crystal clean than in this locality – the southernmost tip of Istria. The rocky beaches alternate with sandy coves. On a relatively small surface area of ​​Kamenjak, there exists the diversity of 530 plant species, out of which 20 species belong to the orchid family. Some are endemic species. Kamenjak is situated in a purely natural environment, there are no campsites, hotels or buildings in here. A bit farther on the way, close to the bay of Pinizule, the ancient dinosaur footprints were discovered in the rock slabs several years ago. During the summer period, you can make a break for swimming here (don`t forget your swimsuit!).

Type of tour: guided
Skill level: Beginner
Total ascent: 250 m
Duration: 2-3 hours
Distance: 24 km (asphalt 4 km, macadam 20 km)

Price for 2 adults and 2 or 3 kids includes:

  • MTB bike rental,
  • a helmet,
  • 0.5 l drinking water,
  • MTB guide
  • Private tour

Start from:Banjole village /Gas station, (5 km south of Pula)

Exscursion days: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, other days on request

When? On request

Accommodation Pick-Up (on request)
Our MTB guide will be there with you for any question or need.


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